Friday, July 26, 2013

Some News

So, it's been quiet for a while but as it seems, some things are happening, however small and I wanted to sum them up in a post here:

  1. Thanks to Matthew Andrew Drake, we know that Vincent Gallo is headlining a festival:

    So, if you can go, go, it's on August 3rd - hopefully, there will be some pics and news from it :)
  2. Ande was so kind to let me know that he will also be starring in a new movie:
  3. Apparently, The Legend of Kaspar Hauser has been released (DVD or cinema, not sure...) in Germany as there is a large number of reviews of the movie (which habe, so far, been quite positive).


  1. Mel,
    pretty please can you check your whole Gallo Book to see if Terry Richardson took this photograph:
    and if Terry took any other pictures in the book?
    please Mel, i must know :)

    1. The book sadly doesn't state where specific pictures are from - it only says: All pictures by Gallo which, in some cases, I doubt.


    wow i did not know that Johnny 316 was finally released after a decade, last month...just bought a copy...can't wait for it to arrive in the mail!

  3. actually, the biggest news here is that according to his official site, VG has completed a new film entitled April.
    who knows if it sees the light of day, if he chooses to stay true to his expressed resolve in not releasing new works

  4. Did you guys here about April?

  5. April was mentioned before, way back in 2006

    This is the actor credited on the site, possibly

    All very interesting and mysterious

  6. Yes! I remember hearing about April!
    Does anyone remember him mentioning he had another script titled "Star"? may have been before Brown Bunny.
    Love the site as always Mel.

    1. Thanks for the nice words :)

      And I somehow remember it - does ring a bell even though I can't really place it.


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