Monday, June 10, 2013

Oliviero Rising Trailer

Thanks for the hint, there is finally something "new" :) A trailer for "Oliviero Rising" (2007) has surfaced and you can probably guess who acts in it - you can watch it here


  1. "Oliviero Rising"? I do like this film. It revolves around the protagonist's search for his hard-on. What a fine piece of art.

  2. When and where can this be watched in all its glory?

  3. Dear Melanie:

    I have been following your platform over the years,
    I very much like your continuous enthusiasm for Vincent Gallo.

    In the past, I have written various comments for your platform,
    which were entertaining in a critical and intelligent way.
    I wonder why these comments were never posted on your site.
    Sure – it’s your site,
    you decide what’s good or bad,
    what’s pretty or awful.
    But do we really want a dictatorship of opinion,
    and good taste?
    Mel, all the best to you.

    1. First of all, thanks for the praise :)

      As for the comments - I usually only hold back those that are truly insulting or written by trolls. If you look around in the comment section, I often publish ironic, funny or even critical things because it's all part of the discussion. I'm not sure which comments you're refering to as your posting anonymously, so I can't really look up whether I've really not published all your comments or not. It would be great if you could give examples - as you don't sound like someone who posts brainless, insulting stuff just for the sake of it, I do wonder and hope that you're comments didn't just get lost somewhere in cyberspace.

      If you want to (and if you still remember) let me know which comments you're referring to - I can look at all comments, those published and those not published in the control panel and I'd really like to clear this up :)

  4. Dear Melanie:
    So, I finally made it on your platform. :-)
    What a smart and charming way of yours -
    I very much appreciate your efforts, Mel.

  5. GALLO | U.S.A. | HERO

  6. I want to watch that movie. Whooo's got it?

  7. Vincent Gallo stars in a new film opening this october!

  8. Vincent Gallo headlining summer festival

  9. hi mel,

    i recently checked vincent gallo's wikipedia page and found an item of interest --

    "He makes a fictionalized appearance in Caspar Vega's book "The Eclectic Prince"."

    could anyone confirm this?

  10. Does anyone know where I can buy/watch this? I can't find it anywhere!

  11. Mel,
    pretty please can you check your whole Gallo Book to see if Terry Richardson took this photograph:
    and if Terry took any other pictures in the book?
    please Mel, i must know :)


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